At Ftech we do not only produce high-end custom cycling clothing for athletes, teams, corporations and events, but we are also ODM specialists (Original Design Manufacturing).

This offering is available to all companies that want to develop a ‘house’ collection for their own brand. An example of this, and an achievement we are very proud of, is the 2017 Rudy Project clothing collection that was commissioned to, and developed by Ftech.

To share your ideas with us or for more information contact us at info@ftech.it  or visit us at our headquarters in Mussolente (VI), Italy. We will be honoured to give you a personal tour, show you our products and explain our operating methodology.

If you want to test some of our products like X-Over bibshorts, you can buy them from SHOP. I.P.P. (Industry Purchase Program) will allow you to obtain special discounts.

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