How to order

Contact us at for a free quotation. Our fees are based on order size for jerseys, bib shorts, accessories, etc and you can choose a Semi Custom or Full Custom solution.

The Ftech Italian Design Centre is at your disposal to help create and design exclusive products with superior designs that will ensure maximum visibility and exposure.

• You will need to provide us with your order quantities and sizes. The Ftech sizing chart is a great tool to assist you in this process.

If you are still concerned we offer a partial delivery option (test kit) for suggested sizes S, M, L (bib & jersey) that you can use to confirm final sizes. This partial order will be produced using the final approved graphic. Take note that delivery time frames may be impacted.

With this test kit you can confirm the sizing, evaluate the fit and quality and even test the kit in different riding conditions.

• Our experienced team can produce a free of charge 2D design proposal of within 5 days after receiving your instructions. The proposal will be based on an interpretation of your design ideas, logos, colour requirements and/or any other relevant information. We’ll allow up to two modification requests where-after a fee of EUR 50 will be charged for additional changes.

Sponsor Position

• To complete the ordering process you will need to submit your final signed order – quantities, sizes and final approved design. Once accepted we will supply you with final order confirmation and reference number that can then be used for further enquiries / communication. Production will start after receiving your 100% order deposit.

• Your order will be ready no later than 30 business days after receiving your 100% deposit.