Semi custom program

Download Semi Custom Program examples

Ideal for smaller orders and/or a great solution for clients that prefer to use one of our tried and tested semi-custom templates and wish to find a solution faster (i.e. do not wish to go through the Full Custom Program procedure).

We recommend the semi-custom program for clients requiring less than 30 garments / sets.

Your order will be ready no later than 30 business days after receiving your 100% deposit.

Our wide range of Ftech semi-custom templates offer a great selection of styles and colours to fit every Client’s requirements.

There are no colour limitations with the Ftech Semi Custom Program thanks to our Digital Colour System™ technology.


Our graphics department uses software that run on the Apple Mac OSX platform.

Logos need to be supplied in vector EPS format, Native Adobe Illustrator or PDF. Fonts need to be converted to paths/outlines.

If the logos are not available in any of the above formats, a high res (300 dpi-CMYK) Tiff or JPG file can also be used.

Low resolution RGB files can be used for concept/proposals only.

Pantone colour codes are the most reliable way to confirm required colours. If these are unavailable then supplied CMYK values will be adjusted to match requirements as closely as possible.

Important: Clients are responsible to ensure all permissions have been granted to use logos supplied. Clients hold ASG harmless in case of any infringement claims and we reserve the right to ask for confirmation of such permissions granted.


Our designs, concepts, drawings and graphics are important business assets and ASG is the lawful owner of all intellectual property rights related to these, both in terms of Italian and International laws.

We reserve the right to take appropriate legal and/or other action to protect our rights, regardless of how access to our Intellectual Property was obtained (including but not limited to quotes, proposals, our catalogue, web, social media, etc.).

All ASG Intellectual Property is protected from the moment it is created and regardless of any official or formal Intellectual Property registration processes. You are licensed and authorised to view or use our Intellectual Property and designs only for the purposes for which it was created.

Any copying, other use or extended use of our intellectual property will be unlawful unless you first obtain our prior written consent and on the terms and conditions that we may specify at such a time.We take Intellectual Property rights seriously and as such require that clients have the necessary consent and approvals in place when requesting us to produce goods based on 3rd party designs. To this extent clients indemnify and hold ASG harmless against any and all possible 3rd party claims.